TB Joshua, a ‘false prophet’, must come clean

TB Joshua a false prophet must come clean

TB Joshua, a ‘false prophet’, must come clean

TB Joshua a false prophet must come clean

Matthew 24:24: “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and
shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they
shall deceive the very elect.”

It was five days after of the tragic event, when the Synagogue Church of All
Nations’ guesthouse collapsed in Lagos, Nigeria, that we were told 67 South
Africans had been killed. So far. This must be the lowest form of disrespect
that self made prophet, TB Joshua, could dish out to his followers and
worshippers around the world. Imagine the outrage if 911 was kept under
wraps for even 24 hours. But to this day, there is no sense that the
‘prophet’ is taking any responsibility for the tragedy. The local religious
fraternity, including the religious leaders’ forum, has also been dead
quiet. Pastor Ray McCauley is the only one to have spoken out. The lack of
deserved condemnation is sickening.

But the issues raised by the Lagos tragedy run deep, and for the first time,
perhaps the issue of false prophets can be put squarely on the agenda. Our
journalists have not pursued the subject of healing ministries, even those
here in our own country, with any vigour. It is time questions are asked
about those who trade in false hope.

One wonders how a man who claims to know so much about people and their
misfortunes could not predict the collapse of a building under his nose,
killing the very people who came to him for hope. It says something about a
rebuff from the most high, showing once and for all that this could be the
false prophet the bible tells us about. You will recall that the God of
Moses, in particular, trades in miracles and delivers a big showcase to
rebuff those that don’t believe him. A short story about the Egyptians being
beset by disasters when they refused to listen to Moses comes to mind.

There have been stories about this place having dodgy characters, reports of
dark things happening to young people, especially women, who are put up in
this guesthouse in the name of deliverance. Few journalists have had the
courage to investigate the claims. I say now it’s time to blow the lid off
this heresy.

While some have claimed deliverance, many have also been let down and have
not emerged from this so-called guesthouse throwing away their wheelchairs.
They have awaited their miracles and thousands of rands later, had no sign
of release. There is another dark narrative that is spoken of in hushed
tones. The fact is there are allegations of people being sacrificed by some
of these false prophets. Could it be that some of these people were just
sacrificed? Until there is a clear denial this may well be what many people
end up believing. TB Joshua must come clean and assure the world there is
nothing criminal going on under his watch or in his name. Or much worse, in
the name of Jesus Christ.

Acts 17 tells us, “As spiritual adultery increases in the Church false
prophets will flourish as highly sought after speakers and Christians will
accept more of these false teachings”. It is not for us to judge, however.
The bible is very clear that even Satan can easily masquerade as a servant
of righteousness.

The big question is why would Joshua rush to make claims about terrorism?
There has been no evidence that the collapse was caused by a bomb or any
detonation. All indications are that this was a structural collapse induced
by unauthorised or bad workmanship as two floors were being added to a
building without fortifying its foundation. If this is the case, Joshua must
be arrested. He can’t possibly be above the law. Any by-laws of a local
authority surely should demand that permission be granted for physical
altering a building.

Blaming Boko Haram is a cop-out because it diverts the attention of the
authorities. TB Joshua must be held to account if indeed he is the servant
of Christ, as he claims. He must be honest that this tragedy was of his
making and face the consequences. The families of the deceased must have
recourse and someone to be held responsible. One hopes the Nigerian
authorities are not tiptoeing around him. His operations must be shut down
until the safety of thousands of pilgrims still making their way to him is

Thousands of people came to him to seek hope and met their demise. That does
not buy him a licence to kill. This is a test case of equality before the

The South African government must not be complicit in this and must insist
on a full international investigation to establish the cause of the collapse
that killed so many people. There is too much impunity in the world and this
must not be left unchallenged.

The drama clearly has all the hallmarks of a cover up. No one can convince
me that there was any other reason why so many days went by before anyone
could even tell the world about such a tragedy. Reports of emergency
services personnel being blocked by Church security simply help to fuel this
emerging and probable narrative of a cover up. Louis Mnguni, the South
African ambassador in Nigeria, has his work cut out for him and one hopes he
won’t be blinded by any feelings he may have for or against TB Joshua to get
to the bottom of this scandal. Families of those who perished deserve the
truth whatever it may be. It is not too much to ask this prophet to come

At the end of the day ‘prophet’ TB Joshua has displayed every sign of a
false prophet in that he has taken this matter so lightly. I am certain on
the Sunday following this tragedy he was busy collecting offerings next door
with not a care in the world. By now one would have expected some statement
of compassion to the families… none has come forth. This does not exhibit
character that glorifies God. Christ taught us to beware of these kinds of
prophets and recognise them by their bad fruit. DM

Article by: Lebo Keswa.

Article Source: The Daily Maverick.

Source: The Daily Maverick

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